Monday, October 11, 2010

Bee notes ongoing expert special offers

Bee Bee Notes software experts adhering to the 13-year history, the spirit of "easy" principle, strive to solve various business units of various bills, repeat fill, print notes cumbersome problem. Original 880 yuan, 600 yuan at current prices, it is selected, and the other presented fine U disk, a limited number, first hit come!

Bee experts can accurately print any paper bills, including checks, bank notes, postal notes, business documents, certificates and envelopes; software built into major banks (ICBC, Agricultural Bank of China, Bank of China, Construction Bank, Bank of development of line) check, Jinzhang Dan, wire transfer, mail transfer vouchers and other paper patterns. Note the use of small bee expert software, complete the user from the tedious and repetitive work, complete liberation of the Notes. At the same time greatly increases user productivity.

Format diversity
Bee experts support a variety of notes bank check, money order, into / out of the bill, logistics documents, payment of various closing documents, general documents. Can also design their own templates to print envelopes, certificates, etc..
Visual Design
Users in the design and complete notes in the preview to see the effect is printed out, you can scan paper into the print paper setting style, easy and flexible.
Easy management
The field can have various queries. Query results. Entry notes the rapid entry when the history automatically to achieve matching.
Low cost
Support all types of printers, without using special printers, reduce maintenance costs, supplies procurement to facilitate cheaper. Use of ordinary office printer can be used to achieve the perfect instrument chromatography printing. No need to purchase the special printer.

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