Friday, July 30, 2010

Master Lu eyes that help you to make profiteers scares

General Manager of Purchasing position just sat in his ability by 5 years, yesterday I met a thing completely overturned, and things go wrong, I ordered a number of computers - the computer broke finance, information loss to be doing, boss furious demanding a thorough investigation! Do not search do not know, higher price to the new computer, not a parallel imported second-hand goods, there's more this is a fake! Boss look at me "do not have elbow grease credit's sake, do not dismiss me, but just this once! Although escaped the fate of expulsion, but my colleagues have this matter in private transfer of the uproar, but also evolved a lot of versions! Members doubt I Kingdoms out of this unit, "Rio Tinto case", I just 100 Mo debate! In fact, order before I was online about off on hardware prices and models have done a detailed analysis, computer bought, they also test after, and found no problem until the computer hard drive burns out the financial!
After asking inquiry found that he is too naive, and now means to have done a superb job of profiteers. First of all, with a big price difference between models, quotes deliberately vague!

Figure 1

Secondly, the shoddy!

Figure 2

Finally is the all-pass kill! Some unscrupulous merchants and even the use of modified car technology to modify computer hardware, bar code will be washed off some hardware call back, so you do not start with, only any luck. If the procurement unit, it can only be money back for their copies of the pot!

Figure 3

Read the experience of many experts, benefit greatly! Can not wait to buy computers are put on each microscope, a clear view of all open. Foolproof way to guarantee that it? I'm afraid not, do not say I did not so much a professional means that if I do not need to do anything every day stuck in this game of cat and mouse!

But the boss has already warned me not to be repeated, if the slip again, they really go home kind of sweet potato, and how a depressed terrible ah! After efforts to find, use the master Lu hardware detection!

The burden of heart can finally put down!

In the new round of procurement, the suppliers for the company brought their own "tailored" and "new computer", hope I can spare! Smooth clearance!

But this time I do not stand a Cheru master the final say!

A business to match the configuration is as follows:

Computers: Lenovo 3000 G430 Notebook

Processor: Intel Core 2 Duo P7350@2.00GHz

Motherboard: Lenovo JIWA1

Chipset: Intel Mobile 4 Series Chipset

Memory: 2 GB (Memory Technology DDR2 800MHz)

The primary hard drive: Hitachi HTS542525K9SA00 (250 GB)

Main card: Nvidia GeForce 9300M GS (256 MB / Lenovo)

Monitor: Samsung SEC3354 (14 inches)

Main Optical Drive: Sony-NEC DVD burner

Main card: Conexant Systems High Definition SmartAudio 221 @ Intel 82801I (ICH9) HD Audio Controller

Main card: Broadcom BCM5906M NetLink Fast Ethernet / Lenovo

Configuring a cost-effective look really good, we all prefer, before the hot-headed, to hear the recommendations of Master Lu Lu master it opens, click the "hardware detection", the computer configured to show the basic shape in front of it!

Figure 4

Probably look at the problem really can not tell, the configuration generally have no problem. However, comparison of each project can be found in 11 profiteers of himself away. Quote of the memory is 800MHZ, but actually only 677MHZ, that price completely different!

There is a DVD burning drive obviously, but it turned into a combo, although there are burning, but the price difference of no small ah! Though it is not the same model, but too bully people, and shot the supplier!

Figure 5

Other suppliers to see this situation, then the actual configuration report it! This make life difficult for the relevant operator! In fact, I do not want to make things difficult for them, means too that the! Look at their performance to say!

Figure 6

Followed by opening the View motherboard - Video - Storage - Other projects, no problem! And through the video inside the LCD dead pixel test on the LCD screen made a comprehensive examination, all the computers are not dead pixels, bright! Suppliers appear to have learned a lesson! Not chaotic here, and I extremely happy! Details of the final configuration would be a learned, after all, fair without and foul can not conclude that not one of them ah!

Figure 7

Open File - Report - Detailed Report

Figure 8

But the problems are there in the corner do not pay attention!

Figure 9

A look is to display machine, it seems people really purchasing the unit as a waste disposal station, and that the company's Qian Haozhuan, winners will be able to eat a few months to life! Doors are not, I air these profiteers all disappear within 3 seconds, or make them look good!

Before long, unscrupulous merchants who would spontaneously call me to discuss the "commission" of the matter, really ready to let me play for a while, "Rio Tinto case, some of the executives."

What can I say? Master Lu had a talk this off! I'm not longer a scapegoat for the profiteers!

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